enfamil neuropro gentlease baby formula brain and immune support with dha clinically proven to reduce fusiness crying gas and spit up in 24 hours non gmo reusable tub 19 5 oz

ALL IN ONE COMFORT: Enfamil Gentlease is scientifically formulated to help ease fussiness, crying, gas and spit-up in 24 hours
BRAIN-BUILDING NUTRITION: Get brain building nutrition inspired by breast milk from Enfamil
SUPPORT FOR YOUR INFANT: Complete nutrition for babies through 12 months, easy-to-digest proteins and dual prebiotics for immune health


Size:19.5 Ounce Tub

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula Brain, Immune Support with DHA, clinically proven to reduce fussiness, crying gas, and spit up, in 24 hours, non-GMO, reusable tub, 19 5 oz

🌟 Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle: Revolutionizing Baby Nutrition

Introducing Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle, a revolutionary baby formula designed for comprehensive brain and immune support. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this formula is clinically proven to address key concerns faced by parents, including fussiness, crying, gas, and spit-up – all within just 24 hours of use.

🧠 Advanced Brain and Immune System Support

One of the standout features is the advanced blend supporting both brain and immune system development. Packed with essential nutrients, including DHA, a clinically proven omega-3 fatty acid promoting brain development, this formula lays the foundation for cognitive growth during those critical early months. A curated mix of vitamins and minerals further bolsters your baby’s immune system, building resilience against common illnesses.

🌿 Crafted with Care and Quality Standards

Rest easy, parents! Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle is crafted with the utmost care and adheres to high-quality standards. It’s a non-GMO formula, ensuring that your baby gets only the best, most natural ingredients. The commitment to excellence extends to the packaging – a reusable tub holding 19.5 ounces of this premium formula. Sustainability meets convenience for busy parents providing essential nourishment to their little ones.

🌈 Clinically Proven, Fast-Acting Relief

Designed to address common parenting concerns, this clinically proven formula brings relief in just 24 hours. Bid farewell to sleepless nights and constant worries as Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle becomes your partner in supporting your baby’s well-being for a happier, healthier infancy.

🛍️ Premium Choice for Brain and Immune Support

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle stands out as a premium choice for parents prioritizing their baby’s brain and immune system development. Its efficacy in reducing fussiness, crying, gas, and spit-up, coupled with the convenience of a reusable tub, reflects Enfamil’s commitment to providing the best start in life for your precious one.

🚀 Choose Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle for Peace of Mind

Say yes to peace of mind! Choose Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle and embark on a journey where you’re giving your baby the very best in early nutrition. Clinically proven, thoughtfully crafted, and conveniently packaged – it’s time to nurture your baby with the care they deserve.

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19.5 Ounce Tub, Pack of 6, 30.4 Ounce Refill, 30.4 Ounce Refill, Pack of 4, 19.5 Ounce Tub, 30.4 Ounce Refill, Pack of 8


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