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Can you think of an enterprise in your area that’s done this?

Let’s look at these factors in a bit more detail. Think of a business you use that focuses on price. I’ll give you an example – the local Dollar Discount store. Crowded aisles full of imported lines – all with deeply discounted price points. Now in this store, can you achieve speed? Well yes, you can, you can simply pick a product off the shelf and away you go. So what is the tradeoff? You guessed it – quality. Why does inexpensive often translates to cheap?

Now let’s look at the factor of speed. What about a rapid courier like saying DHL? Certainly, quick service, and quality, (reliability), are good as well. So the tradeoff this time is going to be price. Consumers cannot expect their parcel to travel across the world safely in 48 hours unless they pay a premium. What’s a business that sells its speed?

Ok, so now think of a business that has quality as its cornerstone. Let’s use the example of the master tailor in his store. His reputation is built upon the fit and quality of the suits he makes. Is he likely to agree to bash you out a 3 piece suit in 24 hours because you’re in a rush? No. However if you asked him if he could do the job as cheaply as he can, he’s likely to agree, provided he can work on your job in between other higher-earning ones. So here, of course, the tradeoff is quality and speed. How to avoid low quality and price Divergence?

Your 3 factors. #1:Price, #2:Speed, #3:Quality. What’s your order?
Imagine the products you see yourself buying any of these products. What is the most important or the number 1 factor to you in your decision-making? and what will be the number 2 factor? Then what is the number 3 factor to be incorporated?

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